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couple sitting behind a large sailboat wheel


There is an unexplainable attraction to the sea

One of the oldest names in San Diego boating

Even those whom have have spent a lifetime on the water can’t explain the romance of the sea and the attraction to it. The seasoned sailor can’t hide a smile as lines are let go and the yacht casts off for an adventure on the water. This is just the beginning of an unforgettable experience. 

Koehler Kraft Charters is the premier all wooden boat yacht fleet in San Diego that only offers private sailing experiences. We invite you to detach yourself from the concerns and obligations of the outside world and experience your own private paradise on your own private wooden yacht.  Indulge in some of life’s finest moments as you experience respite and renewal. The privacy and exclusiveness of our yachts is unparalleled.

Our first custom boats were designed and built by Clarence Koehler Sr. in 1938. Over the past 80 years, the Koehler name has grown to include our classic charter fleet, marina, boatyard and boat building.  In this time, Koehler Kraft has built a legacy: assembling a fleet of beautiful yachts built or rebuilt specifically for entertaining guests on the waters around 'America's Finest City.'

San Diego’s waterfront has charmed visitors and residents since the days of the great sailing ships that once visited the tranquil harbor. If one were to have but a single chance to cruise the waters of San Diego, you ought to get CF Koehler to take you out on a one-of-a-kind, hand-built yacht from his private collection.  These are not just any old rental boats, they are some of the worlds most beautiful yachts. Take a look and you will agree.

C.F. Koehler is not your typical boat captain!

couple sitting behind a large sailboat wheel

Captain C.F. Koehler and wife, Amanda

"CF" is a second generation boatbuilder and sailor, a local on the bay for the past 50 years.  Friends and clients will tell you “CF has forgotten more about boats than most of us will ever know."  A lifetime of experience on the water is apparent when you step aboard a flawless yacht and effortlessly get under way.  Time will stand still as you forget your worries and enjoy the outing. 


Experience the timeless tradition of yachting aboard a legendary yacht.


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